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MADE IN ITALY usi e abusi!

MADE IN ITALY uses and abuse!

TheMade in Italyit is a brand now used and abused. According to current legislation in the textile industry, it can be labeledMade in Italyevery product (or garment) whose processing steps have taken placepredominantlyin Italy. This generic indication ofpredominantlyallows the flower of Italian textiles (furniture and non-furniture) to produce fabrics in the Far East or in the most disparate parts of the globe as long as the labor costs little and the protections for workers are poor or non-existent, and to realize only one micro in Italy part of the production process. Also because how can you determine what are the workingsprevailingfor example in the production process of a garment? Weaving? The application of the buttons? The seam? The packaging? And so on.

This quickexcursusit is to try to convey to you what Tessitura Busatti represents for us and what it should represent for the Italian production sector. Our headquarters and the heart of our production have been for about 170 years in Anghiari in Tuscany, in the Palazzo Morgalanti. The weaving, cutting, sewing, packaging of your tablecloth, blanket or canvas is completely on site or within a few miles.

The peculiarity of our products can be seen, for example, in a Mirto or Due Fragole dishcloth where the sides are not sewn butselvage, that is, directly finished byfuzeof the frame and not after the cut and sewn. This is because the frame was in the past, designed just for that type of product and not for others. Now nobody uses them any more because as it is today to say:it's not convenient.

It is therefore useless to repent to you on the best qualities of a myrtle or Two Strawberry cloth compared to other equivalent ones from Asia or similar places.

Quality and roots that are not in contrast with innovation and research. We are in fact able to offer you a completely personalized service, a sort of tailoring for the home. To our collections that we periodically present, we combine a service ofuniquenessif the customer wants it: we can create fabrics with design you have designed or with your favorite colors, tablecloths and blankets of any size, towels and napkins with the initials or your logo.

We like tradition but we also like being young. That's why we made Ozu's maxim: "The real news is that which does not age despite the passage of time".